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Crystal Schools Are the Future of Higher Consciousness Education

By: Aurora

In ancient times, and historically throughout our history, learning and education was passed on in the form of story telling. Elders would pass on their wisdom through words and stories, later to be documented in written form. Children learned from their elders through experience and through participation. A hunter did not learn to hunt from a textbook but through hands-on experience. A woman did not learn to care for children by watching a video, they had the experience themselves, with training from the feminine of their tribe or community.

In 1918, compulsory education began in the United States, and around the world. With the rise of the Industrial Age, war, and other factors, families needed assistance with education. The gap in wages, socioeconomic status, and resources created a large disparity between many children. Some grew up educated while others could not read or write.

The idea of compulsory education may have began with good intentions…to put all children on an equal playing field, giving all children the opportunity to learn. However, we have now moved into an age where the dysfunction of the compulsory education system has risen to levels of tyranny and propaganda. We have gone from children spending virtually all of their time with their family unit, to spending all of their time outside of the family unit.

The EGO programmed mind has taken over schools and created them to be breeding grounds for programming, fear, compliance, and belief systems. We no longer encourage free thinking, creativity, play, or freedom. Children are stripped of their imagination, their child like wonder, and their creative spark and placed into holding chambers .. or as they call them..class rooms. Taught to be robotic and forced to test and rank themselves based on a scale that has no relation to the unique genius that lies inside of them.

Education has become one of the main ways that the Controllers have taken over humanity. We have not only inundated our children with control, rules, and lies, we are now seeing an even darker side to education as we are witnessing the battles over curriculum including things like Critical Race Theory, Sex Education to very young children, and questionable propaganda over sexuality and gender identification. On the same token, the system has forced generations such as Millennials and Gen Z into student debt and the belief system that one must attend years of school to obtain more and more degrees simply to sustain themselves and pay their bills.

Most family units at this time cannot afford to have one parent stay at home with the children. Fathers have been completely removed from the family home as the designated bread winners, while more and more women seek ambitions outside the home, they are now overloaded between their career and their role as a mother or a partner.

Teachers and day care workers are not paid adequately to ensure quality beings, nor are they trained enough in the information and propaganda they are instilling into young brains. We truly will not know the devastating effects of the compulsory education system for quite some time, but what we do know, is that we as a collective must take our power back and we must empower our children.

Homeschooling through the Crystal School framework is the future of our planet. Crystal Schools were created and founded by the Divine Mother. Mother created the Crystal Schools under two principles: Right Action & Universal Law. The basis of the Crystal Schools is to not only empower parents and teachers to refocus on the children, but also to empower themselves and their own evolution of consciousness.

Through the Crystal Schools children are taught about energy, love, unity, Universal Laws, Right Action, the elements, sacred science, art, & imagination. They are encouraged to be who they are and to express themselves while learning spiritual disciplines, learning how to be ONE with others, and to become their Higher Selves. Through hands-on learning, participation and experiences, the children and the parents/teachers are ALL children learning together how to be the divine beings that we organically are.

Crystal Schools are the future of the planet as we all refocus on love, remove the programming from learning, and allow all to be the greatest and grandest versions of themselves in line with love, universal law, and truth.


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Mar 26, 2023

this is phenomenal schooling mission statement. I tried to raise my daughter with many of the missions I see written here especially imagination one of the most beautiful gifts from god. Every town should have this approach every school in the world imagine the beauty of what our human creations would be. Totally rocks! ❤️



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