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  • As a Parent/Teacher, Where Do I Begin?
    It is always highest & best to start with YOU. As a parent, teacher or caretaker, the most important work we can do is on ourselves, which in turn help our children. We set better examples and help to heal generations of dysfunction. Start with the Self-Love Guide, Crystal School Guide & Parent Programming Guide, and really commit to your own self-love, healing and growth. Then you can begin setting this example with your children, while incorporating higher consciousness curriculum, discipline, and boundaries. The goal is for all families to thrive with love, understanding, unity, creativity, joy, and higher self embodiment.
  • How Do the Crystal Schools Instill Discipline?
    It takes 30 days to instill a discipline as well as to break a behavioral pattern & instill a new one. We do not believe in the physical punishment of children, but instead we advocate for CONSISTENCY. When there is consistent communication about the boundaries for the children, and consistent discipline when those boundaries are crossed or dysfunctional behavioral patterns continue, the child begins to integrate these. It is most important to remember that Children inherit dysfunctional behavior patterns from both their DNA and their environment. Therefore, we advocate for both the parent/teacher AND the children to instill corrective actions and self-love disciplines. Parents & Teachers must lead by example in order for children to truly learn right action behavior.
  • Are the Crystal Schools an Accredited Homeschool?
    No. Currently, every state has different requirements for Home Schooling, with many states requiring teaching & testing of subjects such as Math and Science. The Crystal Schools are based on Right Brain Learning & Higher Consciousness topics, therefore, we do not meet the requirements for Math & Science. However, the Crystal Schools are the perfect supplementary Homeschool curriculum that may be used in conjunction with accredited home schooling and/or for elective subjects children wish to learn such as cooking, gardening, art, etc. All Crystal School Guides and Curriculums may be used to set a foundation and integrated as a way of life, rather than a set form of structured education.
  • What are the Crystal Schools?
    The Crystal Schools are a vision for future education that is based on higher consciousness & right brain learning. The Crystal School principles are Universal Law & Right Action, which means the education is aligned with the laws of love and nature, and right action is based on divine discipline and integrity. The Crystal School vision is higher education for children of all ages, and adults, parents & teachers. The mission of the Crystal Schools is to return all children + parent/teachers to their natural states of peace, joy, & connection. To reunite families in love and co-creation & organic learning and living.
  • Are the Crystal Schools Religious ?
    No. We do not believe in any set of belief systems or defined structures of religion. Instead, we honor Mother Earth, nature, & the organic flow of life. We believe in Oneness and spiritual connection without any confined set of rules or restrictions.
  • What Qualifies a Teacher for the Crystal Schools?
    The Crystal School vision is for both parents & teachers to be working together, co-creating environments for children to learn, play, & grow. We believe that all parents are teachers of wisdom, guides for their children, & teachers share in this journey. What qualifies a being to be a teacher or homeschooler of Crystal Schools is simply their willingness to place love at the center of their teaching. To blend discipline & right action with play and exploration.
  • What is Right Action?
    Right Action is doing the correct thing, in the correct amount, at the correct time. When we start integrating self-love, healing, play & love into our daily lives as well in our parenting & teaching, we naturally produce right action. Right Action is essentially "what is the highest thing to do in this moment?". Sometimes the answer is to be still, relax, enjoy and be! Sometimes the answer will be to take an action such as cleaning, completing a task, working on a project, etc. The natural ebb and flow of life will begin to anchor within us, and all things will move in synergy. The foundation of Right Action is balance, harmony, & integrity.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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