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Image by Andriyko Podilnyk

Pre-Teens & Teens Ages 11-17

The pre-teens & teens are a special group of souls. They have challenging soul contracts as they are growing up during a very chaotic energetic time. Most of these souls have contracted to assist their families & those around them, as they have a profound ability to process energy and hold space for others. Some of these souls hold the warrior frequency (fiery), while some hold the lover frequency (soft). Depending on which frequency they hold, they will require different nurturing styles. All of the teens require consistent discipline in order to thrive. 

Curriculums & Guides

Joyful Foods & Cooking 

Mother Earth's Medicine

Understanding Universal Laws 

Sacred Sciences

Healing Mother Earth + Understanding Elementals

Herbal Healing

Learning the Divine Traits 1

Learning the Divine Traits 2

Discovering the Gene Keys Part 1 

Discovering the Gene Keys Part 2

Discovering the Gene Keys Part 3

Discovering the Gene Keys Part 4

How to Connect With Your Angels & Higher Self

Connecting with Runes Part 1 

Connecting with Runes Part 2

Vibrational Scale of Emotions

The Toltec View on Emotions 

New Earth Math 1

New Earth Math 2

New Earth English

New Earth Biology 1

New Earth Biology 2

New Earth Biology 3

Toltec Dreaming for Children/Teens

Medicine Men + Women for Teens 

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