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Image by Ben White

Crystal Children Ages 6-10

Crystal children ages 6-10 are very unique, as they are the first wave of children now coming into their full higher self. These children are anchoring in large amounts of love & light, and their souls are beginning to express their unique blueprints as well as their purpose here on Earth. The most important thing for these children is to support their unique blueprint, & provide them the discipline and structure that will assist them as they come more into their higher selves. Self-Love Disciplines are key with this age group, but are especially powerful when the parents/teachers lead them by example!

Curriculums & Guides

Creativity in the Kitchen

Stones & Animal Totems

Understanding Energy for Children

The Divine Traits for Children

Inner Earth Magic

Vibrational Scale of Emotions

The Law of One/Universal Laws

Connecting with Mother Nature: Winter Edition

New Earth Math 1 

New Earth Math 2

New Earth English

New Earth Art

New Earth Science

Astrology for Children + Teens

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